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About BestSeatsFast.com

BestSeatsFast.com is a secondary market ticket reseller. We often have tickets that are unavailable at other sites. Our inventory comes from hundreds of ticket brokers to bring you, the customer, the best selection of tickets available at the best possible prices. Because our tickets come from multiple sources, when purchasing, you may get a receipt from one of our suppliers. Rest assured that this is normal and they are simply ‘drop-shipping’ the tickets directly to you.

Our 100% guarantee

We guarantee that any tickets you buy will be delivered to you before the show, or you will receive your money back!* For your convenience and last minute needs, many of our tickets can be e-mailed or sent overnight. We also have a large range of other delivery options, including Will Call pickup and standard mail delivery. Occasionally, certain tickets will not be available at time of purchase. When this happens it’s clearly marked on the ticket selection page, along with the expected date of availability. They will ALWAYS get to you before the event! We guarantee it.

We work hard to confirm that all of our tickets are legitimate and valid. In the unlikely event that there is a problem, don’t hesitate to contact customer service and we’ll make it right.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in our customer service. If you ever have any questions or problems regarding the tickets you have, or plan to purchase, simply call us at 1-844-425-4881 or email support@bestseatsfast.com and one of our representatives will be more than happy to help you. Sign up for the many RSS feeds available across our website to be notified when new events are added. Also, be sure to ‘Like’ our Facebook page, and 'Follow' us on Twitter to receive event announcements and discount codes.

Thank You for Shopping and Enjoy the Show!

* Some exceptions may apply. See our Guarantee Page for details.